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View site here Oro Valley Real Estate Overview The area that is now Oro Valley, Arizona, has actually been inhabited by native Americans since 500 A.D. In Catalina State Park, located in Oro Valley, there are remains of an Indian settlement that you can walk around and explore from that time. European Americans settled here […]

Max Avenue

Read article here. Yes, We Dare Say… These Are the Crown Jewels of Austin’s East Side Amidst the buzz and vibrant blossoming of Austin’s East Side, the work of husband and wife team Minguell-McQuary is exceptional. As a Broker-Associate with Maxavenue, I specialize in East Austin real estate and am delighted by the caliber of […]

Ontrack Solar

Ontrack Solar came to me with a completed marketing brochure that had been approved by a very particular management team. As engineers, they had very specific ideas in mind on how their product was to be presented, and it was a massive proposition to change these ideas. So what we had was a brochure, and […]